Sunday, April 10, 2016

So I'm back

Yes it has been forever since I've posted but I'm back!!!! A little update on my life, I'm about to graduate from highschool and I plan on attending North Carolina State Unversity in the fall. And what's great about that is that my major is Fashion and Textile Design and the only allow 32 students per year to be accepted into the program and I was one of the lucky 32!!! Great things have been happening, I've gotten a couple of scholarships and competed in a fashion competition, I'll make a post highlighting the events later. I finally have my own sewing machine which is great I can make stuff when ever now. And overall everything is on the up and up. I plan on continuing to post to my blog when I'm not too consumed with stuff like prom, which is this coming weekend, scholarship essays, homework, job applications and graduation stuff. So look forward to more post from!!

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