Sunday, April 10, 2016

Art Throwdown @ The High ATL

Okay so this past February the Art department at my school participated in an Art Throwdown at the High Museum of Atlanta. There were different categories that we have to sign up for like 5-20 gesture drawing, interpretive art, a vine challenge, etc. And knowing me, I signed up for the fashion design challenge. Me and my team (lol it was barely a team there was only two of us) had to create two wearable garment that were inspired by Iris Van Herpen's collections that were displayed in the High. 
Here is a picture of the garment that I worked on. It felt like it took me forever but really I was just stressed because I wanted to win
Inspiration for our pieces came from Iris' fixation on incorporating nature into all of her lines, so naturally we chose to make designs based off of the elements. Emily made a Fire dress and I made a water jumpsuit. 
Other contestant, they won. We were salty. But it's cool tho everyone put in a ton of effort so I'm proud of our product!
Lol my friend Simone being silly when I fitted her. 
Overall it was a really fun experience and I would do it again in a heart beat because we met some really cool and creative people. 

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